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Same Ol’, Same Ol’

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Same Ol', Same Ol' (Censored)

Same Ol’, Same Ol’ (Censored). Originally published in the Daily Pennsylvanian on November 8, 2007.

There’s a saying that history is a cycle, and I tend to agree. I drew this “then and now” cartoon after observing some very familiar headlines in the news.

Two notes:

1) As one reader pointed out online, I left out the second “A” in “Bear Stearns.” Given that the company doesn’t exist anymore, not sure how many people would be able to spot this today…

2) Out of respect to the police officer who was shot that week, my editor deleted the dialogue balloon with the word “Crap” in it from my original cartoon. The non-censored version of the cartoon is shown below.

This is a scan of the original drawing prior to publication. More about my stint at the DP here.



Same Ol', Same Ol' (Original)

Same Ol’, Same Ol’ (Original). Pen and ink. Unpublished.

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