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Awesome 101 by Sarah Meier-Albano

Updated: Aug 2, 2020


Last year, I was lucky enough to attend a talk at CoLab Manila, which offers co-working space for entrepreneurs and freelancers. They regularly invite inspirational speakers to conduct lectures and workshops on various topics as part of their Spark Series. The one I attended was called “How to Be Awesome” by the multihyphenate Sarah Meier-Albano, who should seriously consider adding motivational speaking to her roster of skills.

Disclaimer: I went in a bit skeptical of the title, as the word “awesome” has been beaten to death in the past ten years, along with “epic” and “legendary” — no thanks to fans of Barney Stinson. (Those are the noughties equivalent of now-dated terms like “rad,” “psych,” and “…NOT!” Children of the nineties, raise your hand if you ever used those. Guilty.)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the gist of the talk was nothing along the lines of “bro-ing around,” but a charmingly down-to-earth take on tapping into your full potential and achieving inner peace.

The strips below include highlights from the talk. Credit for content goes to Sarah, but any errors in transcribing and interpreting her speech are my own.

I hope her words will be of inspiration to you guys as you set and achieve your resolutions for 2013. (They definitely helped me put the past two years in perspective!)

Awesome 001

Awesome 002

Awesome 003

Awesome 004

Awesome 005

Awesome 006

Awesome 007

Awesome 008

Awesome 009

Awesome 010

Credits: Meier-Albano, Sarah. “How to Be Awesome.” Spark Series, CoLab Manila. Makati. June 18, 2011.


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  4. Meeting of the Minds (Held on March 2011; thoughts on “change and progress” from representatives from various sectors of society — media, arts, tourism, government, youth, business, NGOs)

  5. Review of the “How to Be Awesome” talk by another blogger, Jel Directo (Goes into more detail about exercises we did during the workshop)

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