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Sacred Geometry

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the (month-long!) dead air, guys. As the New Year rolls around, one of my resolutions is to create more art, more often. I’ll be better about updating regularly in the future.

Muchas gracias to everyone who’s been following the blog and sending feedback, whether online or offline. You make this worthwhile.


Below are some stream-of-consciousness thoughts I had on sustainable food production, brought about by a series of yoga classes that I started taking in October. (More on Jivamukti Yoga here c/o my teacher Nancy.)

It’s not meant to be a deep dive into any of the areas mentioned, or even a debate-style argument for a cause… It’s really more a pictorial representation of everything that went through my head when our instructor started talking about Sacred Geometry in the context of food.

I’d urge anyone interested in the topics that I’ve mentioned below to read about them in more detail. You can use the tags to this post as search terms, or click on the links below. Enjoy!

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry 4

Sacred Geometry 5


Click the links below for more info on:

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