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Updated: Aug 2, 2020


Evolution. Pen and ink. Originally published in the Daily Pennsylvanian graduation issue (May 2007).

When the DP editors asked me to draw a cartoon for their one-shot graduation issue that spring, inspiration came from one of my brother’s SFU college shirts. The shirt showed an engineering major from UBC, their rival school, morphing into an SFU engineer (homo erectus).

Darwinian theory is also an inside joke in our family, as my dad tells anyone who points out the absolute lack of hair on his limbs: “My evolution is complete.”

Fun facts:

  1. Penn kids will recognize the Princetonian flag on the pre-frosh, the toast in the hand of the sophomore, and the Hey Day outfit that the junior is wearing. And yes, the evolved senior is female

  2. I  wanted to be a fashion illustrator when I was younger, so I enjoyed drawing ubiquitous fashion trends from years past on the sophomore and junior (over-sized sunglasses, Uggs, Longchamp bags, Crocs, and the dreaded popped collars)

  3. My drawing soundtrack: the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Fatboy Slim’s Right Here Right Now*

This is a scan of the original drawing prior to publication. More about my stint at the DP here.


* I still think that the music video would have been much better if the final stage of evolution had been Christopher Walken from the Weapon of Choice vid (as opposed to the guy from FBS’ album cover)…

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